Increase your sales with
authentic customer reviews

Rec Reviews automatically collects customer reviews in   video, text, and photo  
and boosts the conversion rate of your online store by up to 80%

Starting from €9 per month No commitment

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  84% of buyers   trust online reviews more
than their friends' recommendations

Your buyers no longer believe in promises 😡

Dropshipping, scams, spam, phishing... Visitors distrust unverified promises.

Lack of trust

Seeking authentic reviews

80% prefer watching a video

Customer reviews reassure visitors ⭐

Boost your visitors' confidence with authentic reviews in the form of video, text, and photo.

Brand ambassadors

Credible customer reviews

Confident visitors

Why Rec Reviews over another solution?

Feature 1

⭐ Authentic Video Reviews

Rec Reviews' video reviews increase the confidence of potential customers. By seeing and hearing real customers talk about their positive experiences, visitors are more inclined to trust your brand and purchase your products.

Feature 2

⭐ Impactful Written Reviews

Written reviews collected by Rec Reviews play a crucial role in converting visitors into buyers. Detailed and verified testimonials provide tangible evidence of the quality of your products, reducing hesitations and increasing sales.

Feature 3

⭐ Real Customer Photos

Photos shared by your customers showcase your products in real-life situations, providing visual social proof. This helps illustrate the authenticity and appeal of your products, which can positively influence the purchasing decision of new visitors.

How does it work?

It's simple, we take care of everything!
It only takes 5 minutes to start collecting and broadcasting your first text, photo, and video reviews.

                    recorder #1

Your customer receives an email inviting them to leave a review.

                    recorder #2

The customer submits their text review, photos, and/or video.

                    recorder #3

You receive the review in your moderation area.

                    recorder #4

The review is published on your store in a nice carousel.

Compatible with the
most popular CMS platforms


version v1.6+

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version v2.3+

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version v4.0+

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Tailored pricing for your business

Up to 100 monthly orders


€9/ month

Text, photo, and video reviews

Review moderation

Review carousel

Youtube Connector


Unlimited orders


€19/ month

Text, photo, and video reviews

Review moderation

Review carousel

Youtube Connector

Frequently Asked Questions

The 6 advantages that make multi-format customer reviews a key reassurance factor:

- Authenticity
- Increased conversion rate
- Increased customer loyalty
- Improved SEO
- Competitive advantage
- Reduced product returns

Unlike other review systems, Rec Reviews collects reviews in multiple formats (text, photo, and video). Rec Reviews takes care of everything: collecting reviews, compressing, integrating the logo and order information in the store's colors, obtaining the image rights, storing videos, and publishing after validation.

Rec Reviews automatically obtains the image rights from your customer before they can send their photos or record their video.

You can automatically share each video review on your YouTube channel using our dedicated connector. A link is also available for you to share it on the social networks of your choice.

The plan you have chosen has a maximum limit of review requests. It is not a balance of requests that you can carry over to the following months.

We use an invitation template that we have created and tested to maximize open and conversion rates. It is currently not possible to customize it.

Your reviews are stored on Rec Reviews servers. You don't have to worry about storage space, data security, or the bandwidth needed for their distribution. It's an all-inclusive service.

The photos and videos are streamed without any latency thanks to the speed of Rec Reviews servers.

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