We help e-merchants sell better

With over 75,000 merchants supported for 15 years, our job is to design extensions that the main current CMSs do not natively integrate into their solution.

We help e-merchants sell better

Video customer reviews are the #1 social proof

Customer reviews have become essential on e-commerce sites. Everyone checks reviews before making a purchase decision. However, reading text is always less appealing than watching a video. Video is ubiquitous.

By combining the power of recommendation and that of the #1 media, video reviews fit into the logical evolution of the consumer. The power of conviction and identification of a customer who speaks highly of your store or products is unparalleled! And it directly impacts the conversion rate of the store.

For all these reasons, we have decided to help merchants take advantage of this significant growth lever.

Video customer reviews are the #1 social proof

Helping our merchants sell better!

With over 15 years of experience serving e-merchants, we continue to innovate by offering a new experience to your customers. You have probably already heard of "User Generated Content" or content generated by users...

With Rec Reviews, easily generate engagement and turn your customers into your own ambassadors by collecting authentic customer reviews in video. The impact on your reassurance is immediate! Video reviews are an ideal marketing lever for promoting your brand, creating a real community around your products.

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