Automatically collect
reviews from your customers

Rec Reviews is an all-in-one online software for collecting text, photo, and video reviews.
Invite your customers to leave a review and automatically publish it on your product pages. Here you will find all the technical details and features of our software.

How does it work?

Keep control of your reviews

Review moderation

You decide to publish or reject reviews after viewing them from your dashboard. You have total control and visibility over the reviews. Without action on your part, they are automatically published after 14 days.

Hosting included

Don't worry about the server resources for your store. All storage of text, photos, and videos and the necessary bandwidth for their playback is managed by the Rec Reviews Service.

GDPR Compliance

Rec Reviews respects GDPR and automatically collects image rights waivers from your customers before registering. Emails also comply with GDPR with the option to delete data or unsubscribe from the Rec Reviews service.

Install Rec Reviews without technical knowledge

CMS Compatibility

  • Compatible with Prestashop 1.6+
  • Compatible with Magento 2.3+
  • Compatible with Woocommerce 4.0+
  • Compatible with Shopify
  • Compatible with
  • Specific integration available on request

Full Dashboard

  • Review moderation
  • Video styling customization
  • Review request settings
  • API documentation
  • Technical support

Automatic Invitation

  • Invite to leave a review via email
  • Configurable request and reminder timing
  • GDPR compliance (refusal, unsubscription, confidentiality)
  • Verified review request after a purchase

Video Recording

  • No app download required
  • No registration needed
  • Record reviews from smartphone or computer
  • Maximum 30 seconds per video review
  • Automatic image rights transfer
  • Videos edited in PAL format at 1080 x 1080 square pixels resolution
  • Compression using H264 codec at a 5mbits/s CBR bitrate

Automatic Video Editing

  • Automatically format to a square regardless of the video source.
  • Integration of the store's logo.
  • Add order information in the store's colors.
  • Playback frequency is 25 images per second.

Integration and Publication

  • Automatically publish the review on your store after your one-click validation.
  • A carousel and a badge are available for simplified integration.
  • Share your video on your YouTube channel with 1 click.
  • Benefit from a review carousel on the product page (only on PrestaShop).

Compatible with the most popular CMS on the market

PrestaShop logo

version v1.6+

Magento logo

version v2.3+

WooCommerce logo

version v4.0+

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